Allied Energy ltd

About Us

It is inevitable that the Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) would become one of today’s most important source of energy.  It has also become one of the most significant factors in our daily life while not polluting the environment. As demand for this fuel has jumped sharply in Ethiopia0  Allied Energy PLC is presenting an LPG carrying a brand by the name SAFE GAS as to meet the requirement.

Allied Energy PLC is a company undertaking unique investment in a modern and safe way by means of supplying LPG brand new in 6kg, 12Kg, 25Kg, and 50Kg, 800Kg, 1000Kg, 1200Kg, 2000Kg and above LPG is introducing 500Kg, 800Kg, 1000Kg, 1200Kg, 2000Kg and above LPG bullet tankers per the clients request. Our company is bringing bobtail LPG truck that will go and refill the LPG bullet tanks anytime anywhere convenient for the client.

Allied Energy PLC is the first company to introduce the Bullet LPG Tanks and its installation in Ethiopia.  Our company is also introducing new and safe technologies of LPG accessories such as LPG lanterns lights, burners, grills, regulators.

Allied Energy PLC is focusing in the safety of the product and its service in ensuring maximum safety for clients.  The company plans to regularly conduct training sessions for its employees.

Allied Energy PLC is also the first company imports bulk LPG gas to Ethiopia using an ISO tanks which makes us to be consistent in supply of gas.

Allied Energy PLC also imports BITUMEN products of the highest quality, along with other commodities throughout Ethiopia. We offer and distribute various grades of bitumen such as 60/70, 80/100, 85/100 etc.  as per our clients requirements.

Allied Energy PLC Imports Bitumen both in bulk and drums that will serve bulk buyers, road contractors and builders, and road construction companies.  We supply bitumen products used for road building, road surfacing, industrial applications and multitude of civil engineering materials and processes.

Allied Energy PLC Provides Penetration grade bitumen, Viscosity graded bitumen, bituminous binders, and modified bitumen.

  • To be the top performing and most admired supplier in Ethiopia
  • Scale up the use of LPG
  • Increase the conservation efforts across the country
  • Launch awareness campaign
  • To be prepared for the company’s business expansion and market growth
  • Serve the society by creating job opportunities

Allied Energy PLC is committed to deliver excellence by focusing on

  • Target to achieve perfection and continuity in quality with minimum cost
  • Benefit our shareholders
  • Meet our customer requirement
  • Maximizing the margin of the supply
  • Safeguard asset integrity
  • Robust the management system
  • Deliver sustainable safety, security and environmental excellence
  • Consistent supply of LPG products and services that satisfying the needs of our customers
  • Constantly achieving operational excellence
  • Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner
  • Employing innovative and result oriented team motivate to deliver excellence
  • To grow presence as Bitumen Suppliers in Ethiopia
  • To provide quality products and services
  • To improve competitive price level of products and service
  • To increase knowledge and customer satisfaction
  • To focus on long term and lasting business relationships with customers
  • To improve array of services to customers
  • To maintain best business practices in supply chain management

Company Values


Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.  If we give our word we keep it unless agreed otherwise by all parties.


Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspective. Times frames are always met. Clients needs agreed within budgets are met regardless of personal wants.


Being open and honest in all our dealing and maintaining the highest integrity at all times.  In our company all concerns are aired constructively with solution offered.

Protecting Society and Environment

We place priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of our assets and the environment


Providing support to one another, working cooperatively, respecting one another’s view, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.


Taking ownership of our customers’ needs and being accountable for delivering friendly and professional service.  We are each fully accountable for our work in gaining any possible repeat business with customers.  We understands our customers business, prepare for all meetings with them.

Quality Assurance

In Line with its ambition on being the industry leader, Allied Energy PLC will devote equal attention to Quality Assurance System within the first six months of its operation. We will be the just in time delvers for estimated customers.  QA department will give its full attention in making sure that our customers are well served and satisfied with our service to the highest level

Business Partners

  • Optech Engineering PLC
  • Tridnet Gas and Oil Engineering Company Limited